Glowing Campfires Is there anything more serene than the soft glow of a campfire? Here is a cute and fun way to bring that glow inside!

Here is what you need:
Orange and yellow tissue paper
Clear plastic cup
Glue LED battery operated votive candle
Brown construction paper

 1. Cut or tear tissue paper into small pieces.

 2. Glue tissue paper onto cup, repeat until the cup is covered.

3. Cut brown paper into 8-10 strips to make logs. Different heights and widths are great here, remember no two logs are alike!

4. Lay your logs out in a circular shape and glue them together in the middle.

5. Place your candle on your logs, and cover with cup and now you have an indoor campfire!

Added tip: for imaginary play, use a small stick and a cotton ball for a marshmallow to create “s’mores.”