Free Winter Fun in Sioux Falls!

Sponsored By: The Game, Fish and Parks Outdoor Campus - Sioux Falls As winter progresses and the holiday...

A Rewarding Summer Job  

Sponsored By: City of Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation  An ideal summer job combines a few things: It pays well, offers flexibility, is valuable for...


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St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast

St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast

Lucky Cinnamon RollsMake from scratch, or purchase from store. To add make them extra special this St. Patrick's Day, make rolls according to recipe or package. But when it comes time to frost them, dye the frosting green! Don't forget to add some fun sprinkles on top...

Easter Bunny Pots

Easter Bunny Pots

Whether you use these for a candy dish or place card for your Easter brunch table, these adorable bunny pots are the perfect Easter craft. Plus, you can use them for many years to come!  What you need:  Small clay pots  Paint  Black paint...

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