1. Keep the breed in mind. Bigger dogs, and especially dogs with thick coats like Huskies and St. Bernards were made to live in the cold, so they can spend much more time outside and they will have a blast! These breeds also can go on walks in sub-zero temperatures. Smaller, or shorter haired breeds will not be able to stay as long outside if they do not have protective clothing. They can go on very short walks with protective clothing, but should not stay out for long at all without.

2. How to know if your dog needs to go back inside…keep an eye on their feet. If at any time they start limping, this means their feet have frozen and they need to come back inside. If they are whimpering, looking for shelter, or shaking uncontrollably, they need to go back inside. Always keep an eye on your dog when they are outside to keep an eye out for these signs.

3. Find activities to drain your dog indoors. You can go to a pet-friendly store, like Scheels, Lowes and Hobby Lobby to walk your dog (call and ask first), take your dog to a daycare program while you’re at work (like we have here at Mini Critters ), or try and tire their brain by teaching them new tricks, or filling and freezing a kong toy!