Ready or not – winter is here! If you need help to ensure that you don’t hear the words “I’m bored” this winter season, we have you covered. This Winter Boredom Busters list is filled with ideas and activities to entertain your family all season long. 

605 Ninja

605 Ninja is a fabulous place to come and burn off some energy! We offer Ninja, Parkour, & Aerial Silk Classes. Open Gyms, Camps, Kids Night Out Events and more! 

SDGFP The Outdoor Campus Sioux Falls

The Outdoor Campus’ mission is to provide education about outdoor skills, wildlife, conservation and management practices of South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks to all ages in order to preserve our outdoor heritage. 

Galaxy Gaming

Galaxy Gaming offers an out of this world Laser Tag arena, Virtual Reality and Gaming experience. Your ultimate entertainment destination. 

Butterfly House & Aquarium

Brilliant butterflies. Exotic sea creatures. Year-round tropical environment. Immerse yourself in the wonders of the natural world at the Butterfly House & Aquarium! Discover animal and plant life from every corner of the globe as you kick back, relax, and enjoy this lush rainforest in the heart of Sioux Falls. 


Siouxland Libraries

The Winter Reading Program is for all ages! Each age group has a BINGO card, and each BINGO square contains a different reading idea or challenge. This allows you to enjoy your favorites and explore new things on your way to earning prizes! Visit our website for more details. 

Great Plains Zoo

Visit Santa at the Great Plains Zoo on December 3 from 10 am-2 pm! Enjoy holiday activities, write a letter to Santa, and visit your favorite animal friends. Open all year, the zoo is the perfect place for a peaceful winter stroll – with surprises around every corner!  

Washington Pavilion

Visit the Washington Pavilion to break the winter blues! Children can experience Sioux Falls’ biggest indoor climbing area, explore our South Dakota floor, discover your inner artist and so much more. Visit to save $1 when you purchase your admission online. 

Thunder Road Entertainment

Break out of the cold and into 30,000 feet of amazing arcade & VR games, Hyper-bowling, 2-Story Laser-Tag, Mini-Bowling, 7D theater, & More! Satisfy your appetite at REV-IT_UP Grille for awesome eats, deserts, and adult drinks! We host awesome parties as well. Next spring enjoy Go-Karts, Euro-Bungy, Mini-Golf, and more! 

Winter Wonder Show Holiday Exhibition Presented by the Sioux Falls Figure Skating Club

The holiday season is here and the Sioux Falls Figure Skating Club is excited to be hosting our seventh annual Holiday Show! Join us on Sunday, December 18 at 2:00 p.m. Doors open at 1:30 p.m. Scan the QR code for ticket and show information. 

Skate City

Santa Skate- Come out with your favorite sweater for a fun holiday party and get your picture taken with Santa! December 17th 10AM-12PM

Family New Year’s Party- Celebrate the New Year with our annual balloon drop party! 10AM-2PM on December 31st.

Never Bored @ Wings Gym!

Prevent cabin fever at Wings Gymnastics. Outside of our Ninja and Gymnastics classes we offer Open Gym throughout the week, various camp opportunities & a monthly Parent’s Night Out event. See our ad on page 20 for more details. 


Great Shots

OPEN YEAR ROUND TO UP YOUR GAME! Great Shots is next level golf entertainment. Enjoy a modern spin on golf by putting your skills to the test on our state-of-the-art driving range, eating and drinking with friends, or bonding with coworkers over friendly competition. 

Children's Museum of South Dakota

Greet a life-size T. rex and climb the clouds. Harvest food and move it from farm to market. This is a sample of the hands-on activities ready to spark your imagination 50 miles north of Sioux Falls in Brookings. Did someone say ROAD TRIP? Play along with us! 


Sky Zone Sioux Falls

Play. Every. Day! Jump into Sky Zone today and discover all the new ways to play. Don’t forget to check out our Little Leapers and GLOW programs for extra excitement! Check out our Holiday Punch Cards for our best deal of the year! 



Give the gift of swimming and enjoy a holiday pool movie. Looking for winter fun? Send a friend or loved one a gift card for swim lessons, a day pass, a family pass and more! Plus discover your inner elf at our Holiday Pool Movie! 

Toughest Monster Truck Tour

On January 20 & 21, the Toughest Monster Truck Tour returns to Denny Sanford PREMIER Center! 

With larger than life monster trucks flying high on an all-dirt track! Also featuring the Freestyle Motocross Team! Get tickets at the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center box office and! 



Sensory Bins. Find an empty bin or box and fill it with various items like dry rice or noodles, cereal, cotton balls, small toys (like little cars), and measuring spoons or little bowls.

Sensory Bag. If you have a little that may want to throw items in the sensory bin, think about making a sensory bag! You can add some of the same items as the sensory bin to a zip top bag or use hair gel and food coloring for some squishy fun! You can see more on this by searching “sensory bag” on our website.

Fish Race. Using a straw, blow fish crackers across the finish line. You can do this on a table or hard surface floor and create a start and finish line using tape. If you only have one child, you can time them to see how fast they can go. Otherwise, you can make it a race if you have two or more people.

Old School Games. Remember doing Cat’s Cradle with yarn or Table Football with the triangle paper “football” as a kid? Introduce those old school games to your kids.

Card Movements. Grab a deck of cards and on a piece of paper, write down a movement for each suit (hearts = hop, spade = jumping jack, etc.). Throw down a card and everyone has to do that number of the suit movements. (You can make the face cards 11, 12, and 13 or they can all be 1, make up the rules to work with the ages of your kids.)

Shape Matching. On a piece of paper, trace out items and then have your kids match them. You could use similar items, like condiment bottles, pens/markers, or the leaves that are still in your yard for an advanced challenge, or find objects of various shapes and sizes for an easier match.

Upgrade the Hot Chocolate. Nothing is better than snuggling up with a warm mug of hot chocolate. Upgrade your experience by grabbing fun toppings, like using marshmallow fluff around the rim! See more ideas by searching for Hot Chocolate Bar on our website.

Balloon Hot Potato. Balloons are often a favorite for kids, so blowing up a few and making a game of it is an easy way to entertain kids. You can use a paper plate glued or taped to a stick to turn it into balloon pong.

Ice Skating Rinks. Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation has multiple skating rinks throughout town to provide hours of family fun.

Color Collecting. Call out a color to your kid(s) and have them race to bring you something of that color. They could choose from anything in the house or narrow it to a certain room or pile of toys.

Take in a Movie. Whether you want to watch it on the big screen or opt for a movie at home, grab your popcorn and be transported to a new world for a family movie night.

Cardboard Castle. When your holiday online shopping arrives, save those boxes to transform into a castle or rocket ship or costume.

Paint a Memory. Get crafty! Find DIY projects at a variety of businesses, from the Museum of Visual Materials to Color Me Mine to big box stores, to try a new project and create something fun!

Inside Toss Game. In the summer, corn hole/bean bags is a classic game. Bring this game indoors with a toss game. Find an empty container (like a bucket or old snack container) and pick something to toss in. You can use light things like cotton balls or crumpled up newspaper, small things like paper clips, or those old wine corks you’ve been saving for a future craft project.

Mission Possible. Change out the laser beams for yarn and tape up a spy course in the hallway. Black clothing optional.

Sugar and Conversation. Pick up a yummy treat from the many cookie or cotton candy businesses, and drive around town while asking your kids conversation starter questions that can be found on Hood’s website.

Baking Day. Some of the best memories are made in the kitchen! Let each of your kids look up a recipe and then make it together as a family. You can do one each week or do them all in one day…either way it is a great, and tasty, way to make memories!

Give your Time. One thing that Sioux Falls is amazing at is giving back! There are numerous opportunities for your whole family to give back to our community this winter. Visit the Helpline Center for opportunities around town.

Bring the Snow Inside. Use a Rubbermaid tote and scoop up some snow for your children to enjoy. Dye some water with simple food coloring and put it into a squirt bottle to color the snow! Use cups and spoons to make your very own snow cone fun.

Create a Scavenger Hunt. Whether indoors or outdoors, scavenger hunts can be loads of fun any time of the year. Make up clues and then work together as a family to solve the clues!

Let them Cook. Let them be the chef! Maybe they follow a recipe or maybe they make a soup of grapes, veggie straws, orange juice, and pepper (that you pretend to eat!!). Either way, let them be creative and help as needed.

Spend the Day in a Fort. Create a large fort in your living room with all the blankets you can find! Once you’ve created your giant fort, the whole family can spend the day reading, snacking, and snuggling!

Paint the Snow. Grab some affordable condiment squirt bottles from the dollar store and fill them with water and your favorite food coloring dye. The kids will have loads of fun creating artwork outside in the snow with their new “paints!”

Shovel the Sidewalks for the Block. After being cooped up inside from a snowstorm, burn off some energy by doing a good deed for the neighbors. Instead of just shoveling your sidewalk, do the whole street and show your neighbors how much they mean to you!

Snow, Snow, and more Snow. After you watch the snow fall from indoors, head outside and relive your childhood with your kids! Spend the afternoon creating snow angels, building snowmen, and tunneling into worlds of your imagination in a snow tunnel.

Homemade Pizza Party. Get together everyone’s favorite toppings and let everyone make their own perfect pizza creation! As everyone enjoys their own personal pizza, throw in a family movie and you’ll be set for the night! 


Dance the Day Away. Let everyone add their own song choices and create a family play list. With a mixture of new and old songs, as well as some party favorites, a family dance day is sure to burn off the winter blues.

Hang Paper Snowflakes. Paper snowflakes are easy to create with nearly any kind of paper. From computer paper to tissue paper, everyone can make unique creations that you can decorate your house with.

Write Letters to Veterans or the Elderly. Winter can be a very lonely time for some people. Take an hour and help your children write a letter to residents at a local nursing home or the VA. The letters brighten the resident’s day and help to teach your children letter writing skills too!

Camp at Home. Bring the summer into winter by setting up a campsite indoors. Create a campfire by putting a Sterno can in a metal bucket with rocks (safety first!) and roast some marshmallows.

Clean the Windows, but first Color! Did you know you can use dry erase markers on windows and glass? Let your kids draw on the windows, and then have them help erase by cleaning the windows – win win!

Paper Airplane Challenge. There are dozens of ways to fold a paper airplane. Make a fun family challenge to see what type of fold can fly the farthest.

Create Marshmallow Snowmen. Grab a skewer, large marshmallows, edible paint pen (if you want to eat them!), and another other decorations you’d want to use. Stack 3 marshmallows on the skewers and get creative! You can then use these to dip in hot chocolate.