The Sioux Falls Area has some truly amazing parks to play at! The City of Sioux Falls has dozens of parks throughout Sioux Falls, and towns like Brandon, Harrisburg, and Tea have great park options as well. Plus, we are near a few different state-run parks, like Big Sioux Rec Area and Good Earth State Park. 

Anyone who has taken kids to a park knows that there can be pretty large differences in play equipment! Parks that are amazing for bigger kids can be almost scary for those with toddlers! Both are needed in our communities, and we are thankful that there are so many options here in Sioux Falls. 

Speaking of great activity options in Sioux Falls, check out our post on the area’s amazing swimming pool and splash pad options!

We rounded up some of our favorite parks for toddlers in Sioux Falls below!

Favorite Parks for Toddlers in Sioux Falls

Elementary School Playgrounds

Did you know you can play at school playgrounds? Of course, not during the school day! But during the weekends, summers, breaks, and after school hours, you are (typically) free to play at school parks. Many of the elementary school playgrounds have areas with smaller equipment due to their early childhood programming. 

Some Favorites at Public Schools:

JFK Elementary

Terry Redlin Elementary 

John Harris Elementary

Inspiration Elementary

Fred Assam Elementary (Brandon School District) 

Favorite Parks for Toddlers:

McKennan Park

  • In the heart of Sioux Falls you can find this historic park! There are paths to walk around, plenty of open space to enjoy, summer programming in the bandshell, great playground equipment, and even a free wading pool!

Rotary Park

  • This park is on 26th Street with access to both the Recreation Tail and the River! It has an accessible playground-perfect for little ones! Smaller slides and no big drop offs after climbing up are a big plus! 

Sertoma Park

  • Sertoma Park truly has something for all ages! They have multiple playsets, plus the Outdoor Campus and their nature play area nearby. While toddlers will love playing on a few of the different playground areas at Sertoma Park, there is one in particular that is perfect for toddlers. It is easier to climb up on and is lower to the ground. 

Sherman Park

  • Upper and Lower Sherman Playgrounds (near the Great Plains Zoo) are both great parks! Lower Sherman playground has a large portion that is accessible and easy for a toddler to climb. Note, Upper Sherman Playground is in sand. So if your toddler tends to put sand in their mouth or will struggle with hot sand it may be a good one to save for later. 

Lacey Park

  • This park is set in a quieter area and features a smaller playground. While not as low to the ground as others, it is smaller and much easier for a parent to help their child move around on! 

Cherry Rock Park

  • Cherry Rock Park is also along the Recreation Trail. It has an accessible playground perfect for toddlers. If your little one likes playing in the sand make sure to pack some toys for playing in the sand volleyball courts, too!

Pasley Park

  • Pasley Park is on the Southeast side of town and accessible from the Recreation Trail. It offers an accessible playground with slides that toddlers will love. The playground also has a digger in a sand area.

Tuthill Park

  • Tuthill is another local favorite! It’s even on our list of best places to sled in the Sioux Falls Area. There is a playground in both lower Tuthill and Upper Tuthill. The upper Tuthill playground has an accessible entrance point. Walk over to the gardens while at Tuthill too, they are beautiful in the summer. 

Tea City Park

  • The main city park in Tea, next to the city swimming pool, is a great park for all ages. There is a smaller/lower-to-the-ground play structure made for toddlers, a larger play structure, two sets of swings, and a basketball court. One thing to note about this playground is that the ground is small rocks.

What are your favorite parks for toddlers in the Sioux Falls Area? Let us know if we should add something to our list!