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High school graduation season is here! For those that are graduating, it’s a big step! Next year they will either be continuing their education at a trade school/college or starting their first “big adult” job! We compiled a list of our favorite gifts to get the high school seniors in your life!


A clear favorite is money! Money can be used to buy college textbooks, a new computer for school, or for things they might need in their first adult apartment. Money is always going to be a great gift for any high school senior! 

Make it meaningful with a heartfelt card or make it a bit more unique by giving them dollar bills that add up to their graduating year. 

Gift Cards

Very similar to money, gift card gifts are always loved! The great thing about gift cards is that you can choose a bit more of your intention behind the gift. Maybe you want to gift them some college gear but don’t know what they would like. Get them a gift card to someplace that sells their school shirts (like the campus store or Scheels). Or maybe you want to encourage them to take the time to get off campus and give them a card to a local coffee shop in their college town. 

For those going off to the dorms or their own apartments

A Handheld Vacuum 

Having a small and cordless handheld vacuum is a very practical and handy gift. Often dorms will have a community vacuum available that you can haul to your room for bigger cleaning times. But for little messes or quick cleans, having something in your room to use is key! These are also great for a quick cleaning out of your car at home.  

An Office Set

While this might not seem like that fun of a gift, an office set is something that everyone in college or setting up their first apartment would benefit from! These are all items that are particularly great for someone in school organizing classwork. But even in a home it’s nice to have some tape, a stapler, and some paper clips! We love this set here

A First Aid Kit

Yet another gift that might not seem all that exciting! But, its again a practical gift that your favorite high school grad might not buy themselves. Having basic first aid things on hand in your apartment or dorm is important. Make your own with items like band-aids, gauze, a cold pack, and simple medications. Or buy a pre-made first aid kit like this one here! 

A Cleaning Basket

Coming in hot with another maybe not-so-flashy gift! Haha! But yet again, another gift that they will LOVE once they realize they have to clean something and how expensive cleaning products can be. Fill a laundry basket (something almost everyone needs more of) with cleaning spray, laundry detergent, dish soap, and more! 

Something Impractical 

Sometimes, something impractical is the perfect gift. High school graduation is an important step forward in becoming full adults. It can be fun to give a gift that they maybe shouldn’t spend their 18 year old graduation money on, but that you know they would love. Maybe this is a special pair of earrings, what we might call a more “overpriced” luxury sweater for a favorite brand of theirs, or trendy shoes. You know your loved ones best! 

Gift of Travel

Maybe the high school senior in your life is going to school out-of-state or taking a gap year to travel. Traveling is an amazing experience and expensive. Gift them a gift card or voucher for an airline for that first flight back home. Or, if you can handle the price tag, give them a card letting them know that you will pay for their first flight home Christmas freshman year! 

Another great travel (and really general school need too!) is a charging power bank. Make sure your grad doesn’t lose phone battery during a long class day or flight home! 

Wherever you give the high school seniors in your life just let them know how proud you are of them! Happy graduation season, ‘hood family!