The school year is almost done and we can feel summer calling us! With the warmer weather it can be hard to finish off the school year well. But, it’s important to make sure that we are showing our kids how to finish off a task well. For more about finishing off the school year well, check out this article. 

It can be tempting at the end of the school year to race to the end without much thought (except for summer!). But there are a few things that you should make sure that you do before the end of the school year!

5 Things to Do

Have a Conversation with your Child’s Teacher 

Make sure to do a final check-in with your child’s teacher about their academics/behavior. Ask about where they are lining up for the next year. Are they at an appropriate reading level? What is their hardest part of the day? By checking in at the end of the year you can best figure out how to support your child over the summer months. 

Make sure to ask about resources they recommend over the summer as well! 

Add to your Calendar Next Year’s Fall School Dates

Take the time at the end of the school year to plug next year’s start of school dates into your phone! No one wants to dig back into school in the middle of June when planning a fun vacation. By taking the time now to plug everything you can know now into your calendar you can better be prepared when school sneaks back up on us! 

Thank the Teachers and Staff at your School

Make sure to thank your child’s teachers and support staff before the end of the year! Write a simple note of appreciation, join in on something that the school’s PTA is planning, or give them a gift to end the school year! We love these gift ideas for teachers here

Clear Out/Throw Away what you No Longer Need

As your child comes home with everything from school make sure to take the time to clear things out now. Start off summer well with a clean and put-away backpack that you don’t have to dump out come August! Take the time to go through all of those things from school and only keep what you truly want to. It’s ok to throw things away! Take photos if you would like before tossing things away. 

Keep only the things you want long term from this school year! Each of my children has a box in our basement for their special things. Things like medals, favorite artwork pieces, and each box even gets one of our Christmas cards every year. Add a few things (make sure to date them!) from this year and throw away the rest. 

Connect with the Parents your Kids will want to Play with over the Summer

For parents of younger children, ask them who they would like to hang out with this summer! Make sure to connect with these parents before the end of the school year to get their number, meet them, or even plan the first summer hang out right away! 

End the school year well and go into summer prepared for all the fun to come. Happy summer ‘hood family!