[SIOUX FALLS, SD, February 17, 2024] – The Elmen Center in Sioux Falls transformed into a hub of innovation and excitement as the EmBe FIRST LEGO League State Championship unfolded on Saturday, February 17. With Opening Ceremonies kicking off the day at 8 am, the event showcased STEM mastery, teamwork, and the electric thrill of robotics.

Guided by the national program FIRST LEGO League, EmBe proudly spearheaded the implementation and facilitation of these STEM-driven activities for children in grades 4-8 across South Dakota. The “Masterpiece” theme inspired 28 teams from various corners of the state to exhibit their prowess in problem-solving, critical thinking, coding, engineering, and design in their robot games. 

The competition went beyond robotics, emphasizing how science and technology can catalyze positive change within communities. The theme focused on integrating STEM with arts and hobbies to enhance and expand the expression and sharing of personal interests.

The championship served as the pinnacle for South Dakota’s participating teams. Successful teams now have the opportunity to advance to national competitions held nationwide, where they can interact with teams from around the globe. These experiences leave students with a profound sense of accomplishment and a belief in their ability to shape the future through their collective skills, leadership, and confidence.

Winning teams in the competition are:

Coach/Mentor Award: The Brick Wall H-BC Robotics

Core Values Award: Lego My Eggo

Innovation Project Award: Baltech

Robot Design Award: Wildbots

With a high score of 340, the Robot Performance Award goes to: Bob Cat Builders

The Champion’s Award: First Advancement Choice: Blue Bricks

The Champion’s Award: Finalist and Second Choice: ROARbotics

Congratulations to all the winners and participating teams!

The day was truly a Masterpiece of STEM excellence, showcasing the incredible achievements of these young innovators.

About FIRST LEGO League:

FIRST LEGO League engages children in grades 2-8 in exciting and hands-on STEM learning, fostering critical thinking, coding, and design skills through guided robotics challenges. The program aims to inspire today’s students and teachers to build a better future.

About EmBe:

EmBe, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, is in its second century of transforming lives by leading and supporting success at work, home, and life. Providing empowering programs and services, EmBe enriches the community and inspires women and families to be their best selves. For more information, call 605.336.3660 or visit www.EmBe.org.