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As the end of winter approaches and the days start to get a little longer, you might find yourself itching to shake off the last remnants of cabin fever and embrace the arrival of spring. 

While the weather may still be unpredictable, there are plenty of indoor activities you can enjoy with your kids to make the most of this transitional time. Here are three delightful indoor activities to help you bid farewell to winter and welcome the season of spring soon! 

Springtime Crafts

Embrace the spirit of spring by getting crafty with your little ones! Set up a designated craft area with plenty of supplies like construction paper, markers, glue, scissors, and colorful pom-poms. Encourage your kids to unleash their creativity by making spring-themed crafts such as paper flowers, butterflies, ladybugs, or even a colorful springtime banner to hang up in the house. You can also incorporate recycled materials like egg cartons or toilet paper rolls to add an eco-friendly twist to your crafts. Not only is this activity a fun way to spend time together, but it also helps foster creativity and fine motor skills in your children.

Hang up and display all your springtime crafts in your home to get everyone in the family excited for Spring! 

Indoor Garden Planting Party

Just because it’s still too cold to plant outside doesn’t mean you can’t start thinking about your spring garden indoors! Set up a planting station in your home with pots, potting soil, seeds, and any other gardening supplies you may need. Let your kids get their hands dirty as they plant seeds for flowers, herbs, or vegetables. You can even get creative and make your own biodegradable seedling pots out of newspaper or cardboard tubes. As you plant, take the opportunity to teach your kids about the plant life cycle and the importance of caring for our environment. 

Buy a ready-made planting kit for easy fun! This kit comes with everything you need (including the soil) to make a personalized flower planter.

For those with older kids, you can also take this time to start your outside garden! Have your kids help you get started with some vegetables early so that you are ready with your own seedlings when it’s time to plant! 

Spring-Themed Indoor Picnic

Bring the joy of a springtime picnic indoors with a cozy indoor picnic right in your living room! Spread out a blanket on the floor and pack a basket full of your family’s favorite picnic foods like sandwiches, fruits, veggies, and snacks. Decorate the space with spring-themed decorations like paper flowers or colorful tablecloths to set the mood. You can even play some outdoor-inspired games like “I Spy” or have a scavenger hunt around the house. This indoor picnic is a wonderful way to enjoy some quality family time together while enjoying some delicious food and pretending that warmer days are just around the corner.

As winter draws to a close, these indoor activities offer a delightful way to celebrate the changing seasons and create lasting memories with your kids. So, gather your supplies, put on your creative hats, and get ready to usher in spring with these fun-filled indoor adventures!