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Martin Luther King Jr. Day falls on Monday, January 15th this year. Every year, MLK Day has a theme. The theme for 2024 is: “Shifting the cultural climate through the study and practice of Kingian Nonviolence.”

Martin Luther King Jr. was an incredible man, worthy of having a federal holiday named after him! MLK Day is a day set aside to honor Rev. King, along with serving your community. We have some ways to celebrate this year below! 

Ideas For Celebrating MLK Day:


Read about Rev. King, race and equality issues, and how we can better love those around us. For those with younger children, we recommend this biography book about Martin Luther King Jr. If you have older elementary children at home, the Who Was/Is series has a book about him that we highly recommend. 

Watch Videos

Take some time to watch videos of Dr. King and learn more about his vision for equality. For those with kids at home, take the time to have conversations about race, equality, and freedom. Talk about how things used to be and how things still need to improve. Click here to watch a video about Dr. King made for kids. 

Visit his Statue at Van Eps Park

At Van Eps City Park here in Sioux Falls, you can find a life-sized Martin Luther King, Jr. statue. The statue is near where we stayed while visiting Sioux Falls in 1961. Visit the statue to honor both his life and legacy and teach your family more about this incredible man.


MLK Day calls us to service! Find ways with your family to give back to the community this year. To find a service project that works well for your family, check out the Helpline Center. Sioux Falls has many different non-profits, programs, and groups that would benefit from both your time and money. 

The City of Sioux Falls has hosted an MLK Day Celebration in years past. Once that information has been released, we will also add that to this article!