As the proud owner of Kids’ R’ Kids Learning Academy of Prairie Hills, I’m thrilled to share our story. You might wonder how I ended up in the world of early childhood education, but the answer is simple – a desire to offer families a high-quality childcare option that goes beyond the norm.  

Picture this:

A place where love is not just a word but a daily practice. It’s the essence of our Academy, the driving force behind every decision we make. I’ve always believed that love isn’t just an emotion; it’s a powerful catalyst for learning and development. When children feel loved and secure, they’re more likely to explore, learn, and grow with confidence.  

The idea for my wife and I to bring Kids ‘R’ Kids to Sioux Falls was born out of the overwhelming need for another trustworthy and loving childcare facility in our community. Parents needed another place where they could leave their little ones with peace of mind, knowing they’d receive the same level of love and care as they do at home. 

Parent Testimonial: 

“Coming to Kids ‘R’ Kids has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my children, and they have flourished in the time they have spent there in so many ways. They always have so much fun while learning, are eager to go, and I know that they are in a safe, clean, and most of all caring environment when they cannot be with me. And that, to me, is worth its weight in gold. Seriously, I cannot thank Mike and his staff enough. Their dedication to providing a nurturing and enriching environment with their philosophy of “hug first, then teach” really sets them above all of the rest in the quality of care and education they provide.” 

To build trust with our families, we’ve incorporated features that prioritize safety, transparency, and constant connection. Our Academy is made with all-glass walls that ensure safety and allow students to see all the friends and teachers in the building, making it as if we have no strangers in our Academy.   

In this age of technology, staying connected is more critical than ever. That’s why we’ve set up a live camera feed accessible through your mobile device. You can witness your child’s moments of joy, curiosity, and achievement in real time, fostering a deeper connection between home and our Academy. It’s about creating an environment where parents feel involved in their child’s daily experiences.  

Our curriculum, carefully tailored for all age groups, is designed to nurture each child’s development. From the youngest infants to the oldest school-age kids, we’ve created an enriching atmosphere where learning seamlessly blends with play. We want every child to hit those developmental milestones while having a blast along the way.  

Kids’ R’ Kids Learning Academy of Prairie Hills isn’t just a place for childcare; it’s a testament to the love and dedication poured into each child’s growth. As the owner, my commitment is unwavering – to provide a nurturing space where children flourish, families trust, and love permeates every corner. So, here’s to shaping the future, one cherished child at a time!  

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