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Valentine’s Day is almost here! When you have children in the home, Valentine’s Day can differ greatly from your younger years. Less date night and more making-a-box-for-school-like, haha! 

While you are preparing the valentines for your kid’s classmates, teammates, and friends, don’t forget about their teachers! 

Now, by no means are we saying you have to go all out with a gift. But it’s the perfect time to remind your teachers that you are thankful for them during a notoriously harder part of the year!

Here are our top ideas for what to give your children’s teachers on Valentine’s Day!

A Thank You

A simple thank you goes a long way! We all know that the 3rd quarter of school is hard for both students and teachers. Valentine’s Day is perfectly timed for a heartfelt Thank you! Let your kiddo write part of it, too. 

A Handmade Gift

Valentine’s Day is all about showing people you care. A simple handmade gift that you and your child took time to make can be so special! Some ideas for gifts are a decorated mug (especially cute for younger kids to make), origami flowers, or a canvas magnet your child colors. 


Keep it traditional! Valentine’s Day and candy go hand in hand. Find out what your child’s teacher’s favorite candy is to give. Or surprise them with a sample box of snacks/candy from around the world! Not only will you be giving them a gift, but you will also be gifting them a fun experience! 

A Practical Self-Care Item

Self-care items quickly come to mind when thinking of Valentine’s Day Gifts. Give the teachers in your life a practical, but still fun to get, self-care item! With how many times they wash their hands each day, give them quality lotion that actually keeps their hands moisturized. Or, give them a lip balm (it’s actually a lip sleeping mask) that feels like a little treat to put on! Think about things that would be helpful for them to keep at their desk! 

A Gift Card

If you ask any teacher, they will all agree: a gift card is always a welcomed gift! Give them a coffee gift card for a treat coming into school or a general gift card that they can use on anything! 

Remember, your teachers never expect gifts. So don’t feel pressured! But when we can, we do love thanking the educators in our lives for their fantastic and hard work teaching our children!