There’s a certain thrill in the air when you find a great deal on a beautiful spring or summer day. At rummage sales, you can find almost anything! For parenting with growing children, rummage sales offer the promise of new-to-them clothing at a great price and toys galore. If you’re on the lookout for antiques, you are sure to find some during a morning out rummaging. Pick up anything from furniture, collectibles, clothing, toys, kitchen items, and really anything else you may be able to think of! 

The Sioux Falls Area has a thriving rummage sale community, and in this article, we’ll let you know about some of the amazing neighborhood and city-wide rummage sales in our area. 

Many cities and established neighborhoods host official rummage sale times. This allows anyone in the neighborhood to join in so that shoppers can hit up the most sales at one time. But a rummage or garage sale does not have to be during an official event! 

All spring and summer long, you can find signs up for “Rummage Sale This Way” in the Sioux Falls area. Often, those hosting a sale not with an official neighborhood effort do so when another part of town has a lot of sales going on. For instance, the Kingswood Rummage might be on the west side of town, but during these four days, you can find sales all over the Sioux Falls Area! 

Check out Facebook events and marketplace for rummage sales happening all year long! 

Whether you’re a seasoned rummage sale aficionado or a newcomer eager to explore, join us as we dive into the world of hidden treasures and community connections right here in our own backyard.

Rummages Sales in the Sioux Falls Area (2024)

April 25th-27th, Leaders Neighborhood Annual Rummage Sale 

These sales are centered around Leaders Park in Sioux Falls. This annual neighborhood rummage sale has been happening since the 70’s! 

Located in the Northeast park of Sioux Falls. 

May 1-4th, Kingswood Rummage Sales

The Kingswood Rummages might be the most well-known in the Sioux Falls Area! They claim to have over 350 garage sales associated with their rummages weekend. Be prepared for a lot of people at these sales, which stretch to cover a decent part of west Sioux Falls! 

Located in the West part of Sioux Falls

May 1-4th, Candlelight Neighborhood Rummage Sales

This newer area of Sioux Falls has a very popular neighborhood rummage sale. This sale is happening at the same time as the Kingswood Sales (which is just north of the Candlelight Neighborhood).

Located in the Southwest part of Sioux Falls

May 2nd-4th, Heather Ridge Neighborhood Garage Sales

This neighborhood sale happens on the south side of Sioux Falls, and you are sure to find some good deals!

Located in the southern park of Sioux Falls.

May 9th-11th Brandon Rummages

Head up to Brandon for their city-wide rummage days!

Located in Brandon, SD

May 29th-June 1st, Harrisburg City-Wide Rummage Sales 

These sales are held the weekend before Harrisburg Days throughout the town of Harrisburg.

Located in Harrisburg, SD

May 31st-June 1st, Canton City-Wide Rummage Sales

Listings for the Canton City Wide Rummage sales can be printed off from their event page or picked up at the Caseys or Pump N Pak in Canton the day of. 

Located in Canton, SD 

June 6th-8th Annual Tea City-Wide Rummage Sales 

Head over to Tea to check out city-wide rummage sales in June!  The Tea City-Wide Rummage sales are held annually on the weekend before Tea Pot Days each year. 

Located in Tea, SD

Happy Rummaging, ‘hood Family!