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Self-care can seem impossible to fit in as a busy mom. Between work, kids, and activities, finding time for even simple household tasks can be challenging! With Valentine’s Day coming, it brings self-care to mind! Often, Valentine’s gifts are lotions, perfumes, face masks, and other beauty products. 

We compiled our list of top self-care products for a busy mom (or person in general!). We might not always have time for a relaxing bubble bath, so we want products that do their job well. Bonus if they are multi-purpose! We also kept quality in mind. Not all lotions are created equal! No one wants to deal with a skin rash from a questionable beauty product. 

Moms, take care of your own self-care needs! Or send this list to somebody in your life who wants to love you well but might need help figuring out where to start. 

Top Practical Self-Care Products


Aquaphor might seem simple, but there is a reason skin care professionals love it! With no dyes, fragrances, or preservatives, it’s a safe purchase for nearly everyone. It will do wonders on cracked and dry skin! Keep the big tub in your bathroom or by your bed to wear at night. Wake up and be amazed at how soft your hands feel! We love having a small tube of Aquaphor in our bags for dry lips (and hands). 

LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask

LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask is a luxurious treat! It has a cult following for a reason! Not only does it feel great on your lips, but it also smells fantastic and helps heal your lips. It says sleep mask, but feel free to wear it all day. This mask does an amazing job of nourishing your lips. 

Under-Eye Mask

An under-eye mask is a perfect example of easy self-care! Something about wearing eye masks makes you instantly feel like you are enjoying a spa day. Plus, if you need to run around the house while wearing them, you can! We love these gold ones that make puffiness under the eyes disappear! 

Epson Salt

Epson Salt is proven to truly help your body relax and heal. If you have sore muscles after a long day, a relaxing bath with Epsom salt is just what you want! The magnesium helps relax your muscles and is also used to help prime you for a great night’s sleep. We love Dr. Teals Epsom Salts! If you find that magnesium is something you really love, check out gummies you can eat to help reduce stress or magnesium oil to rub into sore muscles. 

Quality Face Masks

Gone are the days of using questionable skincare! No more putting random ingredients on our faces, hoping they do something. We love a relaxing face mask that helps heal and protect our skin. If you are looking for a high-quality, high-performance face mask, check out Revision Skincare’s Pore Purifying Clay Mask. We know it is pricy (it’s one you will find used in professional settings)! But not only does it feel luxurious on your face, your skin really looks and feels better after use. For a more economical face mask, we love one like this! It has vitamin C, which will help brighten your skin! 

Heatless Curlers

The older we get, the more we care about treating our bodies well! Using a lot of constant heat on our hair isn’t the best. If you still need to give the heartless curlers craze a try, jump on! Heatless curlers can be wonderful once you figure out what works best for your hair. We love this bestseller for a reason! Easy to use and comfortable to sleep in. Plus, waking up with your hair nearly done feels amazing in itself! Use the extra time you create in the morning to enjoy that cup of coffee a little bit more. 

Matching Sleep/Lounge Set

Wearing a matching sleep/lounge set for a chill day at home can instantly make you feel more put together! Feel comfortable, ready for the day, and fashionable all at the same time. We love this sleep set! If you need to run some errands in it, too, go for it! 

Take Time for Yourself

Self-care can look like a lot of things for different people. Amid our busy lives, finding ways to care for ourselves best can be essential. Remember that even if your days are long, you deserve at least a few moments to breathe, relax, and really rest. 

Ask Your ‘hood!

Remember your ‘hood as well! Reach out to your fellow mother’hood, sister’hood, and parent’hood if you need more ideas on how to care for yourself best!