Fellow adventurers in the realm of homeownership! As your trusty guide in the mortgage landscape, I’m here to sprinkle a little magic on your path from “prequal” to “your new house.” Buckle up, because we’re about to embark on a journey that’s both thrilling and rewarding.

Picture this: you’ve taken the first step and prequalified for your dream home. It’s like getting your treasure map stamped with a golden seal of approval. Armed with your prequalification letter, you’re ready to set sail through the world of house hunting.

Ah, the house hunting phase – it’s like a quest to find the ultimate hidden treasure. You’ll explore neighborhoods, peek into cozy kitchens, and envision sunny mornings on charming porches.

Fast forward through negotiations, inspections, and a tad more paperwork than you thought existed in the universe. You’ve conquered every obstacle and emerged victorious, Cue the confetti cannons and triumphant music!

Unleash your inner interior designer as you transform your new haven. Paint swatches cover the walls like artwork, and assembling furniture becomes a puzzle of epic proportions. It’s all part of the grand adventure.

And before you know it, you’re hosting housewarming shindigs and sharing tales of your escapades with friends and family. Each creak of the staircase and flicker of the porch light tells a story – your story.

So, from the prequalifying steps to the joy of unlocking the door to “your new house,” remember to embrace every twist and turn. After all, it’s not just a transaction; it’s a journey to a place you’ll soon call home.

One of the most important tools in this journey is to ensure you’re connected with the right lending team who will help you not only get through every step of this journey smoothly, but also that you are in the loan program that benefits you the most – that lender is me, Dawn VanNieuwenhuyzen! I would love to talk about your options and help you through the process on finding out what is best for YOU.

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Dawn Van Nieuwenhuyzen, Senior Mortgage Banker at Plains Commerce Bank – NMLS #21096

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