Sioux Falls, SD – The KFC Foundation, based in Louisville, KY, has awarded LifeScape with a $10,000 grant to purchase a workforce readiness curriculum for its Pathways to Life school. Pathways is a transition-to-adulthood learning program for 18 to 21-year-olds with disabilities.

The curriculum, Project Discovery, is evidence-based and designed to retain students through high school by engaging their interest in career paths. Its second aim is to provide job-ready candidates for the workforce.

LifeScape has begun using the adapted version of the curriculum, designed to meet the needs of students with the most significant challenges. It includes video modeling and dynamic supports such as audio, text, and role playing to match the learning style of all students. “Project Discovery has proven to be incredibly easy to use, providing educators with readily accessible materials and resources,” says Special Education Director Dr. Tammi Waltjer-Haverly. “With everything at their fingertips, teachers can seamlessly integrate the curriculum into their lesson plans and instructional strategies with minimal effort.” She says the students have embraced the real-life experiences and opportunities for hands-on learning. The “deep dive” into their individual areas of interest have helped develop a deeper enthusiasm for learning overall. The materials work well for both individual and group instruction, catering to the range of learning needs and preferences of the students. Favorite areas of study are animal care and food service.

The KFC Foundation seeks to support, empower, and serve joy to KFC restaurant employees and communities, carrying on the legacy of charitable giving of KFC Founder Colonel Harland Sanders. One of their main areas of philanthropy is education.

This generous gift from the KFC Foundation will help LifeScape students move forward on their paths to independence through workforce exploration and preparedness.