Sanford fit and Solis Photography Present our 2024 Educator of the Year 

Susan Foster, Principal at Fred Assam Elementary  

The whole school, including the ‘hood and Sanford fit teams, went wild in the gym when Susan Foster walked in. She was shocked to find an assembly happening and that it was all in her honor! Susan Foster has been in education for the last 41 years and is the 2024 ‘hood Educator of the Year.  

As principal of Fred Assam Elementary, Ms. Foster has continually led the school to excellence. Becoming a National Blue Ribbon School for 2023 showcases the hard work, passion, and dedication Ms. Foster, her staff, and the students put in daily.  

Ms. Foster thrives on challenges and is passionate about education, learning, and kids. Knowing this, we asked her what the community can do to best support educators. She said, “The greatest form of support from parents and our community is respect for educators. We are passionate, dedicated educators who only want to do the best for our students. We work hard and continue to create learning environments that result in success for all students.” 

During the award assembly, Ms. Foster was presented with items from Sanford fit. These items will be used by students who will benefit from using sensory items during the school day.  

When asked how she felt about winning this award, Ms. Foster said, “I am truly honored to receive this award because it represents the passion in education. Thank you to ‘hood Magazine for creating the passion behind this award, to Sanford fit for sharing the gifts of fun and passion, and to the parents who wrote and acknowledged my passion for education. I am blessed.”   

Sanford fit said about Susan Foster: “Witnessing the deep love and respect Fred Assam students and faculty have for Principal Foster was incredibly special. Her kindness and dedication towards positively impacting children makes her the ideal educator of the year. Congratulations again, Principal Foster, on your well-deserved recognition!”

Winning Nominations: 

Principal Foster is a shining example of what an elementary school principal should be. She listens to each and every concern that crosses her desk – when she’s at it – she’s more than likely engaging with students in the lunch room, chatting with teachers about different behavior programs to influence positivity in the entire school, or speaking with parents about the next fun activity at school.   Fred Assam Elementary is continually meeting and exceeding academic standards as well. Reading and Math scores have remained high, and the engagement of teachers and students is at the top of her list. Her Blue Ribbon School recognition in 2023 shows how important academics, kindness, and hard work play together in an elementary school.  

-Amberly (Mom) and Thomas (1st Grade

I have never met a better person to care for my children. This principal puts in everything she has to make coming to school a positive experience. Her school is the only one in the Brandon School District that has the Walk to Read program. Thus program has caught both of my children lacking some reading skills and has gotten them both the extra help that they need.  

-Shannon (Mom), Memphis (4th Grade), and Phoenix (1st Grade