Familyfest is happening this week! We are so excited for everyone to see all of the amazing family fun that has been planned for this year’s Familyfest Fun Cruise! Familyfest is the perfect way to kick off your summer fun in Sioux Falls.

What You Need to Know

Familyfest is happening on Saturday, June 1st, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Get ready for a day full of FREE family fun! This free event is meant to help introduce you to everything the Sioux Falls Area offers families. Learn about what is available for families, about the fun things to do in Sioux Falls, and try out something you have been eyeing for free!

For 5 things to know about the cruise, read this post

How to Prepare

Plan out your Cruise in Advance! 

Pick up a copy of the ‘hood Magazine and mark the location that you want to go to on the cruise. Or, check out our full directory listing online and see our cruise map. Make sure to think about what stops your family would enjoy the most. This year, we have many locations that are either cluster stops or are combined with a pop-up! These stops mean one less trip in and out of the car! 

Remember, you plan your cruise! There is no certain order you have to go in! Simply cruise to wherever your family would like and enjoy as much time there as you want to. 

Bring Snacks/Pack a Lunch

The Cruise runs from 9 am to 2 pm! Often, we have heard families say they were not planning to cruise for so long but ended up going the full-time because of how much fun everyone was having! So, make sure you have some snacks or a picnic packed! This year, we also have Rainy Day Coffee Co. located at Lake Lorraine and Simply Put Coffee located at the Boy Scouts for your caffeinated needs! 

Plan to Pick-Up your Swag Bag

Our Swag Bag pick-up location this year is the Outdoor Campus! This year’s swag bag is filled with great coupons, fun items, information, and more! Swing by the Outdoor campus for both your Swag Bag and some free fishing! Swag Bags are for the first 500 families. 

Tag Familyfest_SF and the ‘hood Magazine during the Cruise

Make sure to tag the ‘hood Magazine and Familyfest during the Fun Cruise! We can’t wait to see all of the fun your family is going to have while experiencing everything the Sioux Falls Area offers to families! 

Sign up for the Giveaways

Each location of the Fun Cruise will have a QR code for you to scan. Scanning this code and entering your information puts your name in for tons of prizes! Make sure to take the quick minute at each location to enter to win. 

For all the information you need to know about Familyfest, click here! You can find our cruise map, FAQ’s, and full directory of stops at this link. 

We are so excited to cruise with you on June 1st!