The Great Plains Zoo’s splash pad is open! During the hot summer months, this splash pad will be a great addition to the Zoo. Not only can you enjoy a day walking around the Zoo, checking out the animals, but you can also cool off at the splash pad!

The Sioux Falls area has some amazing swimming pools, waterparks, and splash pads. Read our article about where to find them all here! Make sure to pack all your swimming essentials as well!

‘hood checked out the splash pad at the Zoo, and we loved it. We know that our families want to know more about the new splash pad so that they can be properly prepared. The splash pad is included with zoo admission and will be open 30 minutes after the Zoo opens. It will close 30 minutes before the Zoo closes. 

Here are 5 Things That You Should Know Before Going!

What Ages Would Enjoy the Splash Pad?

The Great Plains Zoo Splash Pad is perfect for all ages! It has a ton of different play features that cater to all ages. There is a larger play structure in the center that even has slides. It is also a decently large splash pad, which means that kiddos will be able to spread out a bit more here than they do at other splash pads in the area.

What Does Changing/Going to the Bathroom Look Like?

They built brand new bathrooms next to the splash pad! They have two family bathrooms, one of which has an adult changing table in it as well. The main bathrooms have multiple stalls for quick changes as well! Something we loved to see- the men’s bathroom has a changing table, too!

Is There Shade, or is the Splash Pad in Full Sun?

There is shade both in the Splash Pad and around it. The water area that is perfect for little ones has shade coverage. There is shade around the splash pad as well. But remember that sunscreen is still very important! There is also a good amount of seating around the splash pad. The splash pad is near the petting zoo and carousel. Next door a ways you can also find the black bears! At the back of the splash pad area is a more open spot of grass for sitting under the taller trees.

Can We Bring a Picnic in?

Not anymore! Outside Food is no longer allowed to be brought into the Zoo. They did make an exception for snacks for small children (within reason). There is a concession stand near the splash pad where you can purchase things to eat. There is even a +21 drink menu. Make sure to pack your reusable water bottles to fill up! A great option for a big day at the Zoo is bringing in a picnic to enjoy at Sherman Park next door! 

Is There a Dryer at the Splash Pad?  

Yes, there is! For a small fee, you can use the dryer at the Splash Pad. It can hold multiple people at once to help dry you off quickly. We know that not everyone is going to use this paid feature. So, just make sure to bring along your towels to dry everyone off after you are done playing! 

Other Things to Keep In Mind:

  • Age-appropriate and Family-Friendly swimwear is expected. 
  • Make sure that any children who are not potty trained have a swim diaper on while splashing about.
  • You may want to consider swim shoes for playing at the splash pad. The ground will be rather hot on a super warm day! 
  • No Lifeguard is on duty at the Splash Pad. 

Check out the Zoo’s Website for more information! Happy Splashing!