Why Catholic Schools? 

Consider our Value Propositions: 

• Traditional Family Values: We promote a virtuous life and aim to produce individuals of integrity who will make positive contributions to our community. 

• Safe Learning Environment: Our students and staff feel physically and emotionally safe in an environment that allows for optimal teaching and learning to take place. 

• Structure & Discipline: Focusing on proactive measures to encourage positive behavior helps students understand what is acceptable and enhances the overall school experience for all. 

• Expectations & Outcomes: To prepare our students for the future, we aspire to provide a high-quality education that challenges them in the areas of critical thinking and encourages intellectual growth.  

Jenni Struck 

Admissions Director  

Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools 

3100 W. 41st Street 

Sioux Falls, SD 57105 





Why is my furnace not working? 

This is a basic question that most people face at some point in their lives. 

A few simple checks and questions might quickly fix it. 

– Does the furnace still have power to it?  

– Did the power switch to the furnace get turned off?  

– Is the thermostat calling for heat?  

– Is the thermostat still turned on to heat?  

– Is the exhaust pipe plugged with snow or ice?  

– Is the intake pipe plugged with snow or ice?  

If none of these simple items resolve the problem, it could be something more serious that requires a professional. They can come out to check and determine the problem so that you can get your furnace working again. 

Travis Ball

Vice President  

Foley’s Heating & AC Inc. 

PO Box 1834 

Sioux Falls, SD 57101 





Why should you nominate someone for ‘hood’s Educator of the Year?  

Being awarded ‘hood’s 2023 Educator of the Year was a huge honor! I am very passionate about my job as a kindergarten teacher in one of Sioux Falls’ largest schools. Building relationships with my students and their families while instilling a love of learning is very fulfilling.    

I want to encourage parents to take the time to nominate a teacher who has made an impact on their child’s life! In the business of children, words of gratitude and encouragement are very meaningful! Sometimes, ‘seeing’ academic or social growth in our students takes a long time, and to know that our efforts are appreciated is reassuring.  

Cait Haug 

Kindergarten Teacher 

Discovery Elementary 

‘hood’s 2023 Educator of the Year 

Nominations will be open soon, keep an eye out for updates!