How is therapy at ASTI different than school based services? 

Because we are a private practice, we are not bound to the qualifying standards that are required for services in school districts.  Our therapists evaluate children through a medical model using the most up-to-date research for medically necessary therapy. In addition, families can utilize insurance and Medicaid to pay for services at our clinic 

Private therapy is a great addition to school-based therapy services!  Our therapists often meet with school therapists to discuss treatment and goals.  Being part of your child’s team of educators is a top priority for ASTI! 

ASTI offers free 15-minute phone screenings with therapists.  We would love to talk with you about your child’s needs! 

Anderson-Smith Therapy Institute 

Vanessa Anderson-Smith 

CEO/Speech-Language Pathologist and Certified Orofacial Myologist® 

8011 S. Cinnamon Ridge Pl 

Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57108 



Why use a travel planner when going to Disney?  

For complimentary planning services! Package booking (with price maintenance), dining reservations, stroller rentals, and customized daily itineraries are just a few of the services I provide for FREE!  

I will help you navigate all your questions about going to Disney with your family. Disney can be a whole new world; rest on my expertise! Let me know what kind of character dining experience your family is looking for or what you need in a hotel, and I’ll book the perfect place.  

Or maybe you’re overwhelmed thinking about your young children on such a big trip. As your travel planner, I’ll make sure to help you both maximize your time and prioritize what’s best for your little ones.    

Once Upon A Wish Travel  

Mary Buermann  

Travel Advisor Specializing In Disney Destinations  

Sioux Falls, South Dakota



How do I get my family really excited about taking photos together? 

1. Talk to them and ask for input. Get them involved in deciding what to wear and choose your battles! Encourage them to see it as a family activity. 

2. Plan something fun to do afterward. Consider a family outing to make the whole day something to get excited about. 

3. Keep it real. Sometimes, the best pictures are the ones where everyone is just being themselves. Embrace your family’s quirks and focus on having a good time.  

4. Share the photos afterward. Decide which photos you want to keep as a family. Showing how happy the pictures make you can help your family understand why it’s important to capture these memories. 

Solis Photography 

Patty Solis 


3600 Westport Ave 

Sioux Falls, SD 57106