How do I prepare my Air Conditioner for the summer? 

Proper preventive maintenance is required to increase the life and efficient operation of your air conditioning system.  Consider the following: 

  • • Trimming bushes and vegetation around the outdoor unit. 
  • • Cleaning of debris from the outdoor unit. 
  • • Proper cleaning of the coil on the outdoor unit. 
  • • Inspection of the electrical on the condensing unit. 
  • • Replacement of the filter on the unit inside. 
  • • Inspection of the inside coil for the AC system. 

These are some broad highlights that touch base on the important items needed.  Some systems will require more in-depth inspections and/or maintenance requirements than others.  A thorough checkup of your AC system every year is best for the

longest life. 

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What types of classes does the Outdoor Campus offer? 

The Outdoor Campus is a state-owned education facility that offers FREE outdoor education programming to anyone in the public. These classes focus on hunting, fishing, conservation, and outdoor skill education.  

Participants can take classes in a variety of ways, but the two most common are through registration for our community programs or attending one of our open house classes. Community programs require participants to register through our online registration system. The limited class size allows for more personal instruction as well as more in-depth classes. Open house style classes allow for anyone to show up and participate in the class without registering.  

To learn more about all of our free programming, visit our webpage! 

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What is substance-impaired driving? 

Substance-impaired driving goes beyond just alcohol. There’s also drugged driving, such as marijuana or other illicit drugs. Additionally, prescription medication and some over-the-counter medication, can classify someone as being impaired while operating a vehicle.  

Is substance-impaired driving still an issue? 

Unfortunately, yes. According to a new report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), an estimated 13,524 people died in alcohol-related crashes in 2022. 

How can I help end substance-impaired driving? 

Substance-impaired driving is 100% preventable. Wearing a seatbelt, using public transport, utilizing rideshare apps, and taking personal responsibility for safe roadways are all crucial steps in ending this tragedy. The crashes, injuries, and deaths of our loved ones won’t stop unless we act together. It starts with YOU! 

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