It’s Read Across America Week! Not only is it an opportunity to celebrate a beloved author, Dr. Seuss, but it’s also a week to really remember the importance of reading for our children.  

Not only does reading expand their minds and imaginations, but it also serves as a gateway to understanding the world around them. That’s why events like Read Across America Week hold such significance in promoting literacy and celebrating the joy of reading!

Established by the National Education Association in 1998, Read Across America Week takes place annually during the week surrounding Dr. Seuss’s birthday on March 2nd. This week-long celebration is not just about honoring one beloved author but about embracing literature in all its forms and encouraging children to explore the wonders found within the pages of a book.

At its core, Read Across America Week aims to promote literacy and encourage a lifelong love of reading. Whether it’s through whimsical tales of talking animals or inspiring stories of real-life heroes, books have the power to transport children to new worlds, spark their curiosity, and ignite their imaginations. By dedicating a week to celebrate reading, we emphasize its importance and instill in our children the value of literacy.

If you have a child who dislikes reading, check out our list of top tips to get them reading! Often, a child who dislikes reading has simply not yet known the joys of reading a story that they truly love. Take the time to introduce them to new books till they learn just how amazing the stories inside a book can be. 

As parents, we play a crucial role in nurturing our children’s love for reading. Here are a few ways we can celebrate Read Across America Week!

Read Together

Set aside time each day to read with your children. Whether it’s a classic bedtime story or a chapter from their favorite book! There are many ways you can read with your kids as well. You can read to them, they can read to you, or you can take turns back and forth! Read picture books even to your babies! Kids of all ages benefit and love being read to. Even older children love being read chapter books out loud. 

Visit the Library

Take a trip to your local library and let your children explore the endless possibilities on the shelves. Encourage them to choose books that pique their interest and allow them to discover new authors and genres.

Get Creative

Encourage your children to get creative by writing their own stories, illustrating their favorite scenes from books, or even putting on a mini-play based on a book they love.

Be Silly!

Dr. Suess brings to mind fun, silliness, and laughter! Schools often hold events during Read Across America week, like Silly Socks Day or Wacky Wednesday. Join in with your kids to help drive home the love of reading!

Happy Reading, ‘hood Family!