Choosing where your child, or children, will be cared for while you are at work can feel like an overwhelming decision. Of course, a safe and loving environment is the most important piece of the childcare puzzle. Finding childcare that you love, that is also in your price range, is in a reasonable location from home or work, and has the open hours you need can take a lot of work! 

For a list of area resources to help find childcare, check out this article

Once you have found a daycare you like it’s time to investigate further! 

Here are five things to ask about when talking to a potential daycare:

1. Parent Involvement

Some daycares have requirements or requests for a certain amount of parental involvement. Having parents involved can be a huge blessing to the kids, but make sure you can commit to that extra work before signing up.

2. Holiday/Vacation Policies 

Make sure to ask about what they do for holidays and vacation time. Not all daycares will follow the same schedule. Ask to see their calendar for the year. Having a clear understanding of these policies will be important once you choose a daycare.

3. Longevity of Staff

A low staff turnover rate can be a great sign of a high-quality daycare. If the staff feels like a rotating door, ask questions about why. It can be confusing to young children when there is constantly new staff in their room. 

4. Communication Style

Some parents want many updates throughout the day. Other parents are not interested in constant updates. Ask about how they communicate and how often throughout a typical day. 

5. Photos and Video

Some daycares have a video feed that all parents can access. Or the provider may have a Facebook group they post photos to during the day. Make sure that you are comfortable with the provider’s policy. 

If you need help finding care in the Sioux Falls Area, call the Helpline Center at 211.