Finding quality and affordable childcare can be a struggle for many families. America is facing a growing childcare crisis, and the Sioux Falls Area feels the effects. 

The Search for Care

Every parent wants to know that their child is being cared for by quality staff who love their children well. Finding the right fit for a family can be hard enough as it is! Combining that with the lack of availability and the rising cost is putting a strain on many local families. 

Many of the staff members at these childcare facilities are feeling unable to continue working with low pay, leading to staff shortages and quick turnover rates. It’s truly a lose-lose situation for all. 

For those interested in making their voices heard about the childcare crisis, we encourage you to contact your local, state, and national representatives. 

Here at ‘hood we care deeply about families. We hate the struggle many face with finding quality child care. 

Here is a list of area resources to help parents with finding childcare:

Child Care Helpline 

Child Care Helpline

State Child Care Assistance Program

Child Care Assistance Program

State of South Dakota’s Child Care Provider Search  

Child Care Provider Search

Programs Supported by the United Way

Helping Children | Sioux Empire United Way

Get Involved: Sioux Falls Child Care Collaborative 

Sioux Falls Childcare Collaborative