By: Anna Vanderloo 

 I’m not sure my parents would agree that I’ve always loved camping, I can still hear my own complaints in my head, but I have fond memories of traveling and camping in our green VW camper van and in tents as a kid. Both a love of travel and the outdoors stemmed from this, and I want my kids to have the same chance. 

Last year, I upgraded my SUV to one with a tow package and finally bought a pop-up camper to make camping trips with two young kids a little more enjoyable. Creature comforts like AC, a mini-fridge, and running water helps immensely with relaxing and enjoying the time. A good night’s sleep when it’s 90+ degrees and not having to constantly keep up with ice gives me the energy and time to be present. 

The pop-up was an easy decision for me since it is relatively affordable and a breeze to tow. After the seller gave me a 20-minute overview of how it works and connected it to my car, I was off to book as many trips as I could for the summer! Maybe too many in my excitement, but we made many memories. 

Indeed, it can seem overwhelming, but you can make it happen and ask for help if you need it. I spend a decent amount of time watching videos and in social groups like Girl Camper and some pop-up camper groups to get tips on remodeling and maintaining the camper. Speaking of which, it’s time to get her ready for the summer! Happy Camping! 

Tips for Camping with Kids: 

  • Have rainy day activities – cards, Throw Throw Avocado, even an iPad (with headphones) reserved for limited use.  
  • Bring a blow-up pool – seriously! Or, bring a sprinkler. 
  • Make it inviting – lights, bedding, stuffed animals, decorations for the kids to put out while you set up. 
  • Camp toilets save trips to the bathroom. 
  • Camp near water – great for activities and to cool off 
  • Bring a water cooler. 
  • Keep food easy and ready to go – hot dogs, cut potatoes wrapped in foil, fruit, veggies, some easy treats. Trying to cook a big meal gets stressful – just skip it.