As the weather warms up and the days grow longer, many families start thinking about their annual photoshoots. It’s a tradition to capture those precious moments together, whether it’s for a holiday card, a photo album, or simply to commemorate the passing of another beautiful year. While fall might seem like the ideal season for these snapshots, with its vibrant foliage and cozy sweaters, I think summer is a better time to do it. Let’s dive into why, and explore the best colors to wear and how to combine them for a picture-perfect summer family portrait.

Why Summer?

Lighting: One of the biggest advantages of summer photoshoots is the abundance of natural light. Longer days mean more daylight hours to capture those magical moments in the golden hour, just before sunset. The soft, warm glow of summer sunlight can add a beautiful, flattering quality to your photos that is hard to replicate in the fall.

Versatility: Summer offers a wide range of settings for your photoshoot, from lush green parks to lake shores, blooming gardens to quaint urban streets. Whether you prefer a natural, rustic backdrop or a more urban vibe, summer provides endless options to suit your family’s style. You have good weather almost guaranteed and less competition with other people over timing with your photographer. Win, win, win!

Color Palette: Summer brings with it a vibrant array of colors that can elevate your photos to the next level. From the azure blue of the sky to the lush greens of foliage, the golden hues of the lake or fields of wheat, and the bright pops of floral blooms, summer offers a diverse and dynamic color palette to work with. Fall is… well yellow.

Choosing the Right Colors

After thirteen years taking family photos, I know there’s something truly magical about capturing family memories in the warmth and light of summer. From the soft, flattering glow of golden hour to the vibrant colors and versatile settings, summer photoshoots offer a unique opportunity to create lasting memories that you’ll cherish for years to come. By choosing the right colors and combinations for your outfits, you can ensure that your family photos are not just beautiful, but timeless and full of personality. So embrace the season, gather your loved ones, and let the summer sunshine illuminate your family’s story.

When it comes to selecting outfits for your summer photoshoot, it’s important to consider both individual and group cohesion. Let’s work it out step by step:

Neutral Base: Start with a neutral base, such as white, cream, beige, or light gray, for a timeless and cohesive look. These colors provide a clean canvas that allows other elements to stand out without overwhelming the composition.

Pop of Color: Inject a pop of color into your outfits with accessories or statement pieces. Think bold shades like coral, turquoise, mustard yellow, or deep navy to add interest and personality to your photos without overpowering the overall aesthetic.

Coordinate, Don’t Match: Avoid overly matching outfits, as this can look dated and uninspired. Instead, aim for coordinated color schemes that complement each other without being too uniform. Consider using a color wheel to find complementary or analogous colors that work well together.

Consider the Setting: Take inspiration from the surroundings of your chosen location when selecting colors for your outfits. For example, if you’re shooting at a garden setting, embrace the natural palette with earthy tones and floral accents. Look at your location and try to match the colors that will be around you.
Texture and Pattern: Don’t be afraid to incorporate texture and pattern into your outfits for added depth and visual interest. Consider mixing different fabrics like linen and cotton, and incorporating subtle patterns like stripes, florals, or geometric prints for a sophisticated yet playful touch.

If at this point, you are convinced summer is the right option for you, my schedule for summer family photos is open right now. I will be more than happy to get you and your family in for a fun photoshoot. I promise you after taking photos in summer, you won’t want to do it in fall!

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