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It’s a SNOW DAY! 

Snow Days are such a treat for those of us who live in the Midwest! The anticipation of a snowstorm, the hope for a day at home, and the news of no school can make living in the Midwest during the winter, well, a little bit more worth it!

We know that with our technology, some kids no longer get a true snow day. But even if your kiddo has an at-home school day, you can still make it memorable! 

Many of us have very fond memories of snow days growing up. Here, we give you some ideas of how you can help create a snow day that is relaxing, fun, and memorable.

Here are Some Ideas for Snow Day Fun

Snow Day Breakfast

A snow day is the perfect day for a fun breakfast! No rushing out the door means extra time for making fancy pancakes, french toast, or an everything omelet. A simple but very impressive-looking, breakfast to try out is a Dutch baby! It’s this decadent, custerady-like pancake that you blend and bake. Watching it puff up in the oven, then fall once out, is fun for everyone! Trying something new is what snow days are made for. 

Play Outside

As long as it’s not a blizzard out, then playing outside on a snow day will always be a favorite activity. We know it’s work to break out all the snow gear and then deal with the wet gear when they are done. But playing outside, even in winter, is so helpful! In fact, it’s one of the ways to help beat the winter blues

Get out the sled, go for a winter walk, build a snowman, have a snowball fight, or even paint the snow! 

Be prepared for the next snow day by ordering this snow toys kit! Your kiddos will love all the snowball makers, shapes, shovels, and other toys that come with this kit. 

Read this article for the best sledding spots around Sioux Falls! 

Indoor Snowball Flight

Have an indoor snowball flight!

Use rolled-up socks, or get these amazing indoor snowballsto have on hand. Spend the morning having a snowball flight where no one gets wet or ends up with snow in their eye! 

Snow Cream

Make some snow cream using the fresh snow from outside! Mix it with cream (or milk), sugar, and vanilla for a very snowy treat! Make sure to only use fresh snow. Some people have issues eating snow, so make sure you feel comfortable doing so! 

Snow Dough

Make snow dough! If you don’t want to go outside…bring the snow inside (kinda!) By mixing lotion (or conditioner) with cornstarch, you can make your own snow dough. You will add roughly equal parts of each. Add cornstarch in smaller amount till you reach the consistency that you like! Feel free to add food coloring or glitter to give it a bit more personality. It has a soft and irresistible texture that your kids and you will love playing with. 

Movie Marathon

A little extra screen time is a snow-day classic. By simply adding some fun snacks (like easy cookies that you bake together!) or a cozy fort set-up, you can elevate your movie marathon into a sweet memory vs. just extra screen time! 

Enjoy your snow day, ‘hood family! We know we will.