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EmBe aims to partner with families, offering outstanding care and equipping children with the essential tools to flourish as they embark on their educational journey. 

EmBe recognizes that Kindergarten preparation begins at birth, so our daily schedules, play-based curriculum, and assessments all work toward that goal.  Special emphasis on Kindergarten readiness is added when Preschool begins, and teachers regularly assess both developmental milestones and academic progress.  One of our community partners, Little Navigators, provides additional social-emotional curriculum for all our Preschoolers and is available as a one-on-one resource for children at parent request. 

Both Arlint children have attended EmBe for the last two years. Their son is now in Kindergarten after attending the KinderCollege Program last year. Because of EmBe’s focus on social and emotional growth, he was well-prepared for the new adventure of Kindergarten.

Arlint Family

In KinderCollege, Braxton loved the variety of activities. He was able to get out into the community during field trips and have experiential learning opportunities. Amber, his Mom, saw how he grew tremendously during KinderCollege, not only in the typical preschool skills but also in his social relationships with peers. They loved that Little Navigators program was a part of his classroom. They found it very beneficial for his social and emotional preparation for Kindergarten. The therapists from Little Navigators Program are there to help ease the anxiety that kids can have when entering Kindergarten, along with any other big life event they might need help adjusting to.  

EmBe has a variety of programs to meet the needs of local families. At our two locations in Sioux Falls, we offer Childcare, Preschool, KinderCollege, Spanish Immersion Program, and School-Age Care.  Reach out to set up a tour!   

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