We have so many great summer camp opportunities in the Sioux Falls Area! Overnight summer camp is a big step for most kiddos. If you think that your child is ready for a few nights (or up to a week) away this summer, then check out our Summer Camps Guide! We also have plenty of great day-camp options listed as well. 

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If you are sending your child to an overnight summer camp this summer, keep reading for our “must-have” packing list. 

Helpful Tips:

Ask for a packing list from camp! Often, camps can tell you exactly what your child should bring. By checking out this list first, you can make sure that you have everything they need. 

Reach out to past summer camp parents to see what their tips are! A mom who sends her child to a particular summer camp every year is going to be the best stop for making sure you pack the items that you might have overlooked. She will also be able to tell you what items to not pack! 

Always aim for the smallest amount of toiletries possible. Travel size toiletries will work wonderfully in most cases. For example, you’ll save more room with two small tubes of toothpaste than one regular size. Try to not pack anything that you know your child will not need or use. 

To keep your child’s things from becoming lost, be sure to label everything with your child’s first name or initials. When packing clothes, roll as many as possible to save space.

General Packing List:

  • Pack lightweight clothing that can be layered
  • Toiletries packed in a waterproof bag that can easily be carried to and from the camp showers
  • Undergarments can be rolled up to save space and stored in a separate small bag for easy finding
  • UV protective hat
  • Sunglasses and extra prescription glasses in case main pair gets damaged
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Rain coat
  • Lightweight jacket or sweater
  • Sunscreen and bug repellent
  • Swimsuit and UV protective swim shirt
  • Camera or disposable camera
  • Extra duffel bag for hiking trips or extra projects acquired by your child on the trip
  • Variety of shoes for every occasion – sneakers, hiking boots, sandals, and even dress shoes if needed
  • Small first aid kit
  • Towels – at least two
  • Pajamas – fleece for cold nights, lightweight for warm nights
  • Comforts from home – pictures, cards, stuffed animal, or other special items to help avoid homesickness
  • Self-addressed stamped envelopes and lined paper for your child to send letters
  • Books, cards, drawing paper, and a couple small games
  • Spending money for souvenirs and extra expenses