Have you been dreaming of a camper? Maybe you should dream bigger – dream lake home! Our minds are wandering to sunnier destinations, dreaming of escaping our daily routines for a waterfront property, or more nature. The idea of owning a vacation retreat might be closer than you think.

If you’ve ever pondered the logistics of owning a vacation home, I am here to guide you. Feel free to schedule a free consultation with me to discuss your unique circumstances in person. In the meantime, here are some key considerations:

Consider your intent: Seeking personal sanctuary or investment? Usage versus rental plans affect mortgage options.

Financial readiness: Ensure you can cover expenses independently, despite potential rental income.

Once you’ve considered these factors, contact me, your trusted mortgage banker, to get pre-qualified. This will enable you to confidently explore properties with my dedicated team. After pre-approval, seek a seasoned real estate agent to find your ideal retreat. Prioritize locations that align with your passions for a true home away from home.

Give me a call and we’ll get you started today. Can’t wait to make your dreams a reality.

Dawn Van Nieuwenhuyzen — Senior Mortgage Banker – NMLS #21096 – Plains Commerce Bank — (605) 261-6721. Loans subject to credit approval. This is intended for informational purposes only. Always consult with a tax professional. Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender.