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Gross motor skill development is important all year long, not just when the weather is sunny and warm. Winter can still be an excellent time to encourage play and movement. If you’re brave enough to bundle up and head out to play in the snow, here are some fun activities for you and your child that will encourage gross motor development! 

  • “Do you want to build a snowman?” Rolling and lifting heavy snowballs is a great way to work on core and leg strength. Have your child try jumping over the branches before you use them for arms on your snowman for some added gross motor fun! 
  • Swing set or local playground covered in snow? No problem! Climbing and swinging, even in the snow, are fun ways to work on core and leg strength. Besides, climbing to the top of your favorite slide and landing in a big pile of snow at the bottom is fun! 
  • Throwing, catching, and kicking snowballs, oh my! Roll up snowballs of various sizes to help your child work on their ball skills. Ball skills are a terrific way to work on balance (standing on one foot to kick) and hand-eye coordination. 
  • Take a walk in a winter wonderland! The deeper the snow, the more resistance for your child and the more challenging the workout. For extra fun while working on your endurance and leg strength, turn your walk in the backyard or at a local park into a scavenger hunt!  
  • Sledding is yet another adventurous way to promote your child’s gross motor development. Live near a big hill? Great! Have your child strengthen their whole body by pulling their sled up the snowy hill. No hill, no problem! Have your child take their sibling, friend, pet, or a pile of snow for a ride around the yard in their sled for some resistance work. Get creative and have your child pull the sled forward, backward, and sideways! 
  • Looking for a way to really challenge your child’s balance? Lace-up your skates and head to your local ice-skating rink! 

Who knew winter could be so beneficial to your child? So, the next time it snows, bundle up, embrace the weather, and head outdoors to work on your child’s gross motor skill development!