Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love and not just for couples! We love a date night out, but sometimes that seems impossible. You can easily get overwhelmed with finding a babysitter, getting everything ready to be gone from home, and paying for a night out! Get the whole family involved this year in celebrating this festive holiday.  

Check out 7 things to do with your family on the day of love! 

1. Volunteer

Spend some time giving back as a family! Use the day to bless those around you and teach your kids that loving others means serving others, too.  

2. Random Acts of Kindness 

Bring cookies over to a neighbor, offer to shovel snow for someone less able, or bring coffee to friends!  

3. Go on a Family Date-Night 

Skip the babysitter and go out as a family! Go out to eat or watch an early movie showing (make it back for bedtime!). 

4. Donate Clothing or Toys that still have plenty of life left! 

Many of us have clothing we never wear or toys we rarely play with. Take the time as a family to declutter and give away what you don’t need.   

5. Throw a Dance Party  

Have everyone wear their fanciest, or silliest, outfits for an epic dance party at home!  

6. Cook a Fancy Meal at Home 

Make something extra special that the whole family will love! Remember to add some candles and break out the nice tablecloth! 

7. Bake Something New 

Valentine’s Day is often a day filled with sweets! Take on the challenge of baking something new as a family, like macarons or croissants.  

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at ‘hood!