Parents usually have mixed feelings about summer break. Some can’t wait, and others dread the hustle and bustle the summer months bring.

But remember when you were a child? Remember how fun that last day of school was and that first week of summer? How exciting it was? 

For some kids, they can’t wait for the end of the school year! They are ready to dive into summer the second they are able to. Other kids can be a bit sad to leave the routine of the school year behind. By celebrating the start of summer break you can help showcase all the fun ahead! 

This year, try celebrating the start of summer with your kiddos! After all, you, as a parent, deserve it too! Those past ten-ish months can get hard! Plus, life’s too short to not celebrate. 

Here are some fun and simple ways to share the joy of the day with your children:

A fun and Special Breakfast. 

Start off the last day of school or the first week of summer break with a bang! Maybe this day calls for donuts from a local place or french toast with whipped cream. If you really want the morning to go easy, consider making cinnamon rolls the night before! Let them rise in the fridge overnight and then pop them in that morning for both an easy and homemade breakfast treat! 

Head out for ice cream or a special treat that first week of summer break.

Make it a point to swing by a local ice cream shop for that first taste of summer! 


Take end of the year pictures! Now, we know some kids will love this one…and others not so much. Make sure to keep your child in mind! 

Create a sign filled with end of the year information. Use the same sign each year (update) for a perfect piece of this year saved in a photo. Another fun idea is to use sidewalk chalk to write out “You did it!” Or “3rd grade here we come!” Snap some pictures near the celebration chalk! 

Summer Gift

Gift a summer kick-off gift. Small summer fun gifts that your children will use are always fun. Maybe some bubbles, a new squirt gun, or even a pair of flip flops.

If your child is doing any summer sports or camps that require new gear, gift those items to them at the end of the school year. It will get them excited for everything that summer has to offer. 

Put a summer gift basket together. Maybe a new beach towel or swim suit, and even a pair of goggles. If you have to purchase items, buy things you will be buying regardless. Oftentimes, children need to swim wear because they may have outgrown last years. If you’re already buying, gift it! 

Movie night

Pick a classic family summer movie, such as The Sandlot and order pizza for a summer kick off fun night.

However you choose to celebrate, remember to enjoy all of these milestones. After all, as a parent; time doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.