The Parenting Media Association announced their 2023 Excellence Award winners on November 3rd. The ’hood Magazine was awarded three editorial awards! Each year, PMA recognizes editorial, design, and general excellence in parenting publications. The awards are judged by the University of Missouri School of Journalism. For each category, they give a bronze, silver, and gold excellence award. 

We are incredibly proud of our team here at ’hood Magazine! Listed below are our winning entries and the judge’s comments. 

Gold: Hood Magazine; “Publisher’s Notes”

Steff Holtrop, President & Publisher, Miranda Ochocki, Editor 

Judges: These columns from the publisher are exemplary of editor’s letters: thematic, personal, and explicit about the publication’s value to readers. The writer did an excellent job balancing the need to share vulnerability about her own family and connect the column back to her readership — especially by offering resources and content to address the discussed issues. The writer made the magazine’s content sound relevant, enticing and helpful. In short-and-sweet packages, the columns were easy to read. 

Silver: Hood Magazine; “Personal Essay”

“Finding Joy in Your New Reality”; Tristin Pilenis, Columnist,

Miranda Ochocki, Editor

Judges: Impending doom becomes clear in the lede to this essay: “The warm May day started like any other … .” You just know what follows is not going to be good news. It’s not, but this mother relates to others how to “accept your reality” through such a traumatic change. Dealing with grief, changes in responsibilities and relationships and the challenges of parenting are examined as well as ways to move on. From the dire situation to the finish filled with a loving future, this essay relays emotional acceptance and growth. 

Silver: Hood Magazine; “Q&A Interview”

“5 Mental Health Questions with a School Counselor”;

PMA Silver

Miranda Ochocki, Editor 

Judges: This interview addresses a topic that is top of mind for parents, and it does so with relevant, first-hand expertise from a professional in the field. There is also actionable advice for parents worried about their child’s mental health, presented in an even-handed and reasonable tone.

Congratulations, everyone involved!